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Reconstruction progress at Bellthorpe Range Road

04 Jul 2012

Following prolonged and intense rainfall in the Moreton Bay region in early 2011, a 1.5km stretch of Bellthorpe Range Road was severely damaged and immediately closed to traffic.

As the main thoroughfare to the Bellthorpe community and a number of surrounding farming businesses, the safety of commuters was Moreton Bay Regional Council’s foremost consideration and the road has remained closed to this day.

Major repair works commenced in November 2011 and the program of work includes the restoration and rehabilitation of pavement, the widening of existing embankments and repairs to slip failures both upstream and downstream of the road pavement.

Several thousand cubic metres of gabion structures are also being installed to retain the road which traverses the steep slopes of the Bellthorpe Range. The reconstruction contract, which was awarded to Doval Constructions, also involves the construction of drainage structures, pavement layers and specialised slope stabilisation measures.

Intensive reconstruction work is being undertaken on the site the goal of finishing works prior to the next wet season. Around thirty workers are involved each day.

AustRail Civil supplied and install the following guardrail on the Bellthorpe reconstruction project;

- 1078m of WBeam Guardrail (new and reused)

- 6 x Type 1 Terminal (MELT or Approach Terminal)

- 1 x Type 2 Terminal ( TT or Trailing Terminal)

This project required the rock drilling of 567 holes and extra long post to accommodate for the steep batters.


AustRail Civil has completed it’s part of the Queensland Governments undertaking of a $385 million upgrade of the Port of Brisbane Motorway.

Working with the BMD Seymour Whyte Joint Venture to deliver Port Connect, A project designed to accommodate vehicle movements on the port road from 17 000 per day to a predicted 31 000 per day by 2026.

AustRail supplied and installed Thrie Beam & WBeam Guardrail Barriers, all complete with Bridge Rail & PCB transitions and Main Roads approved end terminals. All Guardrail used on this project was Australian Guardrail.

AustRail assisted Port Connect engineers with a number of design solutions to accommodate the many  issues that arouse due to services and other obstructions. Option 4 and Option 5 post footings were used in many location as well as custom designed and approved posts

Guardrail Barriers were used in conjunction with concrete barriers, and crash cushions to assist safe traffic flow and to enhance to overall Road safety solution.

The National Road Safety Council (NRSC) Media Release 20 May 2011 applauds strategies to reduce road deaths and injuries.

“Each year road crashes in Australia cause about 1,400 deaths and 30,000 serious injuries, at an annual cost to the national economy of around $27 billion”

View the full media report at the National Road Safety Council


Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer 2011

Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer…

Think of it as a history-making opportunity for you to do something big about cancer, something epic. Like cycling for two days throughout the picturesque countryside of Queensland – August 20-21, 2011.

Sure, it sounds like a lot… and it’s meant to be. The conquest of cancer is a monumental task and won’t be easy. But make no mistake, this event isn’t just for athletes or cycling enthusiasts. The Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer® is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for a great cause. Even people who haven’t ridden since they were twelve.

All you need is motivation, a bike, and a helmet. The rest is history. Be part of it.

 Why join or sponsor another rider ?

  •  1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
  • The money you raise for The Ride will benefit the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, a worldwide leader in cancer research and discovery. QIMR devotes half of its research to understanding the causes of cancer and developing better diagnostics and treatments

 To donate towards Paul Cartwrights’ ride, please visit

 Thank  you for your support !

Paul Cartwright

On Thursday 16th June 2011, AustRail Civil’s Paul Cartwright took on the national event challenge ‘CEO Sleepout’ where businesses and community leaders in capital cities throughout Australia experience homelessness first-hand for one night while raising important money for the St Vincent de Paul Society. 

 1001 CEO’s participated in the 2011 challenge, raising over $3.8 million.

 All money goes directly towards the ongoing provision of Vinnie’s homeless services, helping Australia’s estimated 105,000 homeless men, woman and children find warmth, safety and dignity that they desperately deserve.

 To support this serious issue and make a difference, please visit;

Or… imagine Dad has an accident and can’t work… this can happen…

AustRail Civil will continue to support this cause and kindly request your support and donations in future.

CEO Sleepout 2011 - Pauls Cardboard Bed

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